DIY Perfect Bathroom Decorations

Bathroom is the one of important room in your house. Colors, materials and soft and hard goods must be mixed perfectly, so it can make perfect combination. Those combination can express the bathroom owner personality. You can get some inspiration from perfect and beautiful bathroom decorations bellow that designed professionally. Think The Bathroom Function Off… Read More »

DIY Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is the focal point of the room, so make it stand out! DIY curtains can do just that! They can be simple with just a hint of elegance, or they can be a panoramic view of New York City! Either way, it is fun to add your style into your home without… Read More »

DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

I framed up my bathroom mirror for practically!! This shall hold me over until I really remodel this bathroom. The new look for my master bathroom mirror! From all the DIY projects I’ve done, this is the one I’m most proud of! I love it! For extra storage in the bathroom we mounted the full-length… Read More »

DIY Bathroom Vanity

When you are taking in to choose the new vanity for your bathroom it is very important to pick an item that will be stylish for years to come. This DIY vanities projects keeps everything organized. Before you begin renovating your bathroom, think about what you want to do. Will you be transforming the entire… Read More »

DIY Bathroom Wall Stickers

The wall sticker is easy to apply on a particular place. The application takes (depends on difficulty) just several minutes if you follow the enclosed manual. The wall sticker is easy to remove without damaging the wall. You can apply a sticker from a single piece more than once, but we do advice to handle… Read More »